TileTag for Kana(TM)

Learn Japanese characters fast
by playing a game

You can learn the Japanese hiragana and katakana characters fast and have fun doing it. Just play TileTag for Kana.

[screen shot]

  • You can download a 40-character version free to try it out. (Learn 20 hiragana and 20 katakana in the free version.)

  • You click on matching tiles to make them disappear. The object of the game is to match all the tiles.

  • Don't waste time being stuck! With one quick mouse-click, you can make TileTag teach the answer and bring the character back again later in the game. TileTag helps you quickly study and repractice whatever you don't know. [a tile]

  • Animated stroke order demonstrations for all included hiragana, katakana, and variant characters. When you use TileTag, if you see a character and wonder about its stroke order, you can always find out with one double-click!
    [animated stroke order demonstration]

  • If you make a mistake, TileTag repeats those tiles later in the game.

  • Accommodates any level of learner from beginner to advanced, by letting you set the level of knowledge expected.
    [level configuration controls]

  • Timed scoring compliments you when you improve,
    [feedback example]
    and helps you track your progress.
    [best scores for player Sanjay]

  • Flexible scheduling lets you learn according to the standard A,I,U... schedule or the innovative Jorden/JWL schedule (full version of TileTag only.) And naturally you can learn hiragana before katakana, or vice versa, or switch back and forth....

  • Native-speaker speech is included.
    • Native-speaker speech for the kana sounds (includes the 33 y-diphthong kana combination sounds also.)
    • Or hear kana "pop" when you pick the right ones.
    • You can turn sound off to learn quietly.
    (Sound is in the full version only.)

  • TileTag is affordable. If you want more than the 40 free characters, the full version of TileTag costs only $16 for all the kana plus bonuses. This includes:
    • All 72 hiragana and 72 katakana (including voiced and plosive variants.)
    • The "little kana" consonant + y + vowel combinations (the 33 y-diphthong combinations in their hiragana and katakana forms for a total of 66 forms.)
      [some diphthongs]
    • Several bonus packages included for:
      • Variant forms of characters.
        [some variant forms of characters] ...
      • Irregular vocabulary.

  • Now available for Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000.

  • You can also buy TileSet Creator for TileTag to customize TileTag for any characters, any language, any subject.

System requirements: Practically any computer that can run Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, or Windows 2000 can run TileTag.

Technical support is provided for a minimum of 60 days after you buy TileTag.

Questions? Please contact us.


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An old style Western spelling for katakana is kata kana.
We do not recommend the nonstandard spelling hira gana.