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Market Shares for Operating Systems, Web Browsers, Etc.

Various providers of such statistics, for use with salt.

Unless otherwise specified, each source provides data from web analytics, on user share / market share for various web browsers, operating systems, system parameters such as screen resolution, etc.

StatOwl StatOwl provides the usual data re website visitors.

Caution! Based on one specific website's users.

Users of w3schools' website are generally interested in studying web development / webmastering, and might be somewhat atypical.

Personal Computer Market Share: 1975-2004

Historical perspective is good for you?

'Hitslink' "Market Share by Net Applications" would appear to be based on data from the web analytics services provided to various clients by the company "NetApplicationsTM".

Maybe wasn't working quite right when I visited it (2009 July 13). Also:

  • If 'current report not yet available' try the left-pointing triangle button to see earlier period(s).
  • Requires Javascript or hard to navigate.
OneStat.com Seems to have stopped providing recent data. As of mid-2009, website still provided old copies from 2005 or so, of published reports on browser market share and that sort of thing, in interpretative articles.

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