"The General Reference Section: Useful Data and Links"

International Postal/Mailing Address Formats and Preferred Formatting For when you have an address and you have absolutely no idea if it's correct or even makes any sense. Or maybe you merely want to reduce the risk of delivery delays?
User(s) Groups: a subsection of the reference section.
  • How-tos: starting and running user groups
  • Listing of selected user groups in Tucson, with reviews
  • Tucson-specific help for scheduling user groups and professional organization meetings relating to computers
Dictionary Links Quick-Reference List Selected On-Line Dictionaries: Links and Reviews
Map Links Quick-Reference List
Market Shares for Operating Systems, Web Browsers, Etc.  
Postage Total Maker : A Postal Calculator to Make a Needed Total From a Bunch of Stamps If you have stamps of various values, this form will help you combine them to get the total postage you need. Useful for new postal rate changes, large and/or heavy envelopes, packages, international mail with odd postage totals, using up old stamps, etc.
tucson-postal.html Tucson postal information. Out of date!

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