Using a Check or Money Order in a Non-U.S. Currency to Buy PawSense(TM)

If you want to use a check or money order in a non-U.S. currency to buy PawSense(TM), you can use the following national currencies:

International prices for purchases by check or money order,
good through at least 27 November 2015.
Country / Currency Price including international airmail delivery
Australian Dollars AUD $36.45
British Pounds GBP £16.79
Canadian Dollars CAN $32.05
Note: This Canadian dollars price is good only when shipping to Canada.
Orders shipped to other countries cost CAN$34.04.
EU Euros EUR €22.85
Japanese Yen JPY ¥3065.94
New Zealand Dollars NZD $40.22
South Korean Won KRW 30460.55
Swiss Francs CHF 25.00
United States Dollars USD $25.49

Please make the check or money order payable to 'BitBoost' or 'BitBoost Systems,' and mail it to:

PawSense Web Special Code AC71-NU
BitBoost Systems
POB 65502
Tucson AZ 85728

Buying by credit card or PayPal} automatically converts any currency to U.S. dollars. You can see how much PawSense costs in your local currency when using a credit card, by clicking here.

Any questions? Please contact us.