BitBoost Python code obfuscator

About the BitBoost Python Code Obfuscator

The most mature, well-debugged, and featureful
Python obfuscator and code size reducer available

Obfuscator Overview

Fight reverse engineering.

Useful against even bytecode disassemblers and decompilers.

Thorough and flexible.

Obfuscate an entire directory tree of Python code as a single unit.

Handles even large-scale programs or libraries, containing many modules, packages, and subpackages.

Code shrinking options can reduce code size.

Some code watermarking (e.g. numbering and specified renaming) and copyright information embedding options.

Cross-platform portability.

Some Key Technical Features

Automated analysis and obfuscation of the names defined by your code.

Removes/replaces documentation strings (docstrings).

Removes comments.

'Industrial-strength' automation can obfuscate even large-scale programs and libraries consisting of many modules, packages, subpackages.

Outputs Python source code for maximum flexibility.

Cross-platform portability:

Interoperability facilitates integration into your build process.

Psychologically inspired techniques produce extra confusion in human readers.

More Information

Manual for obfuscator version 3.3

How to get the obfuscator.

Limited online demo as Web form -- lacks the real thing's multi-file capabilities and many other features.